Powering Up North London


Do you know a site for community solar pannels?

Following a hugely successful event with over 60 attendees about setting up a renewable community energy project in North London - scouts are on the look out for solar sites.

If you know of some good, south facing possibilities get in touch or get involved.

A group is currently having regular meetings - get in touch to get involved.


Local Vegbox


The vegbox was launched by Transition Kentish Town as a spin off from their food group.

It uses fresh seasonal produce weekly from farms as close to London as practicable, and members pick up their weekly veg every Wednesday from one of several pick up points round Kentish Town and Tufnell Park.

You can currently pick up from Ruby Violets, the homemade ice cream shop on Fortess Road.

If you know of anywhere else that could be a pick up point in Tufnell Park please let us know.

The Secret Community Garden


The secret garden was started by local people and is for local people.

It is found in a wonderful woman’s back garden on Huddleston Road and increasingly the front garden too!

You can get involved on regular Sundays and learn to grow your own food and much more!

There garden uses permaculture principles and there are vegetables growing, fruit trees, frogs in the pond, a wild life area, water collection, compost and more.

There is also often tea and cakes.

Children welcome.

If you would like this secret garden group to advise you on how to set up your own community garden please get in touch.

Tufnell Park Market


The market was set up by local residents, The Tufnell Park Tavern and Transition Tufnell Park.

Shopping at it helps to reduce food miles, encourage sustainable farming, local exchange. The market also helps people to get to know their neighbours and generally brings people together.

If you want to sign up to get a regular space at the market please contact Kate:

Transition Tufnell Park also have a free space available at the market for anyone who wants to do a one off stall on something that is community or environmentally related.

For example in the past we have used it to make bicycle powered smoothies, raffle vegetables from the garden, do seed sewing or put on a swap shop.

For more info one having a one off stall, please contact us.

Bicycle-powered Sound System


This sound system (MK1) was built from scratch through Transition Tufnell Park with funding from the local council.

Mk1 can be used at events to play music, for educational purposes to teach about renewable energy, or to help generate power.

MK1 can be charged through mains elecricity or it can be powered by the bicycle itself. The whole trailer is also mobile.

MK1 is a community resource so please get in touch if you want to use it, or find out more information.


Transition training

Transitioning through education

Getting together

Hawthorn Schnapps making social

Yard Sale Bonanza

Tufnel Park Mass Yard Sale Sun 29th Sept 2-5pm

Tufnell Park Gathering

7pm Thursday 19th September, Oak & Pastor

Save our NHS!

7 pm at Archway Methodist Hall, Thursday 19 Sept

Film screening: The Economics of Happiness

7pm Upstairs at the Lord Palmerston

The Secret Garden

Help us grow

Film screening: Garbage Warrior

7pm Upstairs at the Lord Palmerston

What is Transition?
Transition Tufnell Park (TTP) is part of the Transition Town network and is one of many Transition Towns all over the world, working together to create community, sustainability and a positive future.

What happens then?
Based on the ideas of peak oil and the importance of community, the aim is to Transition away from fossil fuels, towards a more carbon-neutral, community led and creative future.
This could be anything from being part of a community garden, looking into energy, getting creative, or just having a drink with neighbours.

So who are we?
TTP is you, me, and us working together.
So it is basically anyone at all who wants to get involved with community based ways of living whilst acknowledging our relationship with the world around us. All time is volunteered.

Get involved?
For starters, why not have a look at some of our projects, groups or events, and keep up to date with community updates?

If you have an idea for an event, an old time hobby that you want to share or a project to start, we want to offer support and links to others with similar ideas.

We also want to connect up local activity so please let us know if there’s something local you want publicised, or of anything we haven’t linked with yet.

There are no set rules and that’s why every Transition Town is different – it is whatever we make it and the more people involved, the more we can do together.

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