North London Energy Transition

Offer your support: join up

A group of Transition groups in North London, including Transition Tufnell Park, are putting an energyshare funding application together and you can help us by signing up as a supporter.

Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint through local action.

We plan to do this by a number of measures, including improving the insulation of our homes, switching to more energy-efficient lighting and appliances and by installing renewable sources of energy.

We intend to collect and disseminate information that will help our neighbours do the same thing and we are initiating support groups to help spur us all into action.
We also hope to initiate a loan fund to allow cash-poor households to invest in energy-saving measures, too.

We expect one of our first initiatives to be the development of an advice service to householders on how to buy and install LED lighting to replace existing halogen and incandescent bulbs.

We are particularly keen to address the issue of fuel poverty by offering a credit facility to householders who cannot afford the upfront cost of replacing their bulbs.
We aim to fund the credit scheme through a variety of means, which might include group buying of LED bulbs, seeking funding from local authorities or the private sector and applying for energyshare funding.

We hope the initiative will eventually be self-funding as loans made for the purchase of bulbs eventually get repaid.

Our members are drawn from Transition Belsize, Transition Primrose Hill, Transition Kentish Town and Transition Tufnell Park. We expect more Transition groups to join up soon.

Please support us by joining the group.

Many thanks.