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The latest installment.

12th April 2011

The recycling people have just taken away another 5 bags of vegetable matter, left over from Saturday! Anything dug up from now on should really go on my compost heap, but at the moment I can’t get near it because of a huge bag of compost that Rose organised to be brought round from Yerbury. We shall be using that for mulching when the shoots start to show.

The plants look very happy for last night’s shower, but no bean shoots showing yet. The onion sets are beginning to show some green…

13th April 2011

Weather chill, dry and grey. Watered again – the cats hate the hosepipe, but are not put off sleeping on the seedbeds after they have been watered. A problem! Siggy is philosophical about it – cats do what cats do.
Onions and PSB doing well, no signs of life round the beanpoles.

14th April 2011

Found an old tyre in York Rise, brought it home and planted some of the sprouted potatoes in it. Also planted out some sorrel and wild garlic Jan had given me and shouted at cats sitting on seedbeds. Did a little bit of watering by hand on the new plantings.

Rose and Siggy both agreed to water over the 8 days I will be away, from Easter Sunday.

Met Julien in the street, and he said that they had found not one but two field mice when clearing the garden, and also a newt! Hence the wildlife sanctuary in the North corner, with an old plastic bowl for a pond.

17th April 2011

Siggy came round, and showed me how to get the hosepipe to do a spray jet. Gave the ground a good soaking. Radishes beginning to show. S says beans planted 2 inches deep, not to expect any signs of life above ground for another two weeks. Some growth in the salad bed, but not sure what it is – weeds or plants?

21st April 2011

Getting confident with the hosepipe now! Even the cats have come to be curious about it, no longer fleeing over the wall when I turn it on.

Green shoots bursting out all over the place, though some of them definitely bindweed and buttercups. I pull out some of the obvious ones, but leave the ones amid the seed drills in case I make a mistake.
Radishes coming on but still no sign of the second pair of leaves.

Found one of the cats sitting smugly inside the cage that is supposed to protect the “wildlife sanctuary” in the corner. She limbo-danced her way out when she saw me, and I reconstructed the base to fill up the holes. Hope it has been effective!

23rd April 2011

Have planted out some herbs – parsley, sage, time, borage, lemon balm, rosemary – that I got from the Farmers’ Market on Saturday. Am off to Scotland for a week tonight, but Rose and Siggy have promised to see to the watering while I am away. I give the garden one last dousing before I leave. Still no signs of beans or second pair of leaves on radishes.

3rd May 2011

Arrive back from overnight train, and have to go to work. Garden has obviously been watered, and Siggy has fixed hooks to the wall to make watering easier. Some beans showing life, radishes and PSB growing well, but some of the wild garlic has died back.

7th May 2011

Have resumed watering. Some rain last night and Thursday, but pitifully little. Finding bindweed sprouting everywhere, hope to have an assault on it today. The herbs all seem to be doing well, though the thyme looks a bit blah. Spuds coming up well – when to earth them up?
Radishes look as if they need thinning.

The cats’ favourite sunning spot in the middle of the seed drills is looking rather bare; everywhere else is green. Every time I go into the garden I pull up some convolvulus.

Penny Cloutte