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The latest installment.

7th May (continued)
Rose and Dylan came round in the afternoon, and we harvested the first radishes! They tasted amazing. We also did some weeding, and found a surprising number of carrot shoots.

8th May some rain but not nearly enough.

9th May Siggy came round in the evening. He identified that some of the french beans have come up, and could tell the difference between bean shoots and convolvulus! He produced a jekyll fork and dug up some of the runner beans to see what was going on – showed me how they had germinated, but that some small pest had eaten them from inside. He was puzzled – you don’t usually get pests like that with a first sowing, and no beans have been sown there for 20 years to my knowledge! He sowed some more and did a bit of weeding, while I earthed up the spuds in both the tyres. They look very vigourous! We checked the tomatoes, and Siggy showed me which side shoots to pinch out. The first trusses are well on their way and the second lot seem ready to come into flower. Then Siggy did a big water – a good 30 minutes with the hose – and went home with some radishes and some leaves from the PSB, which is flourishing mightily.

I remember reading somewhere, “If you want to be happy for ever, get a garden”.

If you worked on the garden and would like some radishes, get in touch with me or Rose to arrange a visit to get some this Saturday – or just to see how it is getting on. But please not too many people at once, arrange a visit first.

10th May – I had radishes and parsley from the garden in my lunchtime salad. No rain though it kept threatening. Hand watered the sage in the Eastern corner, which is showing signs of drought.

12th May – found the corpse of a small bat in the garden this morning, presumably a pipistrelle! Amazed, I didn’t think we had them here. Wish it could have been a live one. Wonder how it died – was it the cats? And if so, how did they catch it?