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The latest installment.

14th May

Siggy comes round again. We do more weeding, and move a couple of unexpected raspberry shoots from the middle of the row of onions. I am pleased to find there are rather more carrots shooting up than I had thought. We cannot decide which of the flowers on the courgettes are male, and which female, but hope the insects will do the pollinating. There are amazing numbers of poppies sprouting here there and everywhere, and the kale and the chard are flourishing, as is the psb. I have been having some regularly. We harvest some more radishes, and inspect the salad bed. It is full of sprouting stuff, but what is it? We pick out some obvious weeds, but it is hard to tell the difference between young alkanet (which grew beside the salad bed before the Big Dig) and newly-sprouting pak choy. We decide to give it the benefit of the doubt for now. The beans are still disappointing. In the course of the weeding, we come across the remains of the packet of runner bean seeds, which must have been watered a few times as it sat in the middle of the seed drills. Siggy decided to take it home and start the remaining runner bean seeds in his conservatory. He went home for the football with radishes and psb in his bag. In the evening I watered everything, and found a few drops of rain falling on me as I did it – but only a few drops.

16th May

Still v little rain. Some of the salad growths are now identifiable as different kinds of lettuce – must plant them out in more space soon. There will be room where the radishes are finishing, and where the parsnips have failed to come up. The chard and the kale will need thinning out and replanting soon, too.

Find that we have a book about bats, which says it is “against the law to possess a bat, live or dead”. Fortunately the dead bat has disappeared – presumably the cats or a fox know where it has gone, so I will not be prosecuted (I hope). Does finding a dead bat in your garden count as possession? Anyway the book makes clear that the dead bat was a pipistrelle.

Penny Cloutte