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Monday 30th May - Bank Holiday

The barbecue did not happen, but yesterday I invited the neighbours in for tea and we did some more weeding. I gave away some radishes and more psb leaves – the one that sprouted before is sprouting again but not ready to harvest yet. The courgettes are coming on a treat, and the first one will be ready to harvest tonight I think. I offered it to Siggy, he has kindly texted me that I can have it.

I did two hours of weeding, and to my delight found no less than 18 runner bean shoots coming up, once I had eliminated the weeds. Lots of poppies coming up too, I am leaving them. This morning I counted 21 shoots. Maybe they will be like the scotch pines on Boudicca’s mound, which give you a different answer every time you count them. Siggy has got some more going in his greenhouse, wherever will we plant them?

Haven’t started among the french beans yet. The five shoots that have been up for a while are doing fine but there may be more when I get the weeds out….

How come the runners took so long? Was it last Thursday’s rain that did the trick? Do they prefer it to tapwater through the hose?