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The Big Lunch at the Garden!

Thursday 2nd June

Last night there were still 21 runner shoots, this morning there were only 18 – something had eaten the leaves of 3 of them, leaving bare stalks. Probably slugs. How to protect the remainder?

Friday 3rd June

Rose came round with Arthur, to prepare for the Green Fair on Sat. She brought some empty clear plastic bottles and ideas to make a kind of cloche to protect the sprouting runners. I make some and instal them, in hope.

Sunday 5th June

The Big Lunch! I have had only 2 replies, but about a dozen people come. The chairs which Rose brought round the other day come in very useful. The bottle cloches have worked, and Sue brings some beans already started in her conservatory and about 2 feet high. The weather is grey and chill for the first time for ages, and spits of rain start as we gather. But there is lots of good food, good conversation, and weeding and planting goes on apace. The psb is sprouting again, the courgettes are fruiting well, the tomatoes have now been staked and more onions, lettuce and radishes are planted, as well as some tulips, marigolds and sunflowers for attracting insects and making the place look lovely. Siggy was particularly pleased with the tulip bulbs, genuine Dutch ones, high class! The spuds are showing signs of being about to flower.

Rose says the Green Fair was a great success and there was lots of interest.

We eventually get driven indoors as the rain gets serious – just as Rose and Siggy finish watering! Since then there has been another inch or so of rain – no watering to be done tonight.

The gathering was fun, we should do it again.