A festival of art, science, and music inspired by water.

Exhibitions, Lectures, Performances by an International Cast of Artists, Scientists and Musicians at the menier Gallery, 12-28th March

A unique art/science/music festival ‘Colours of Water’ has arrived to raise awareness and appreciation for a vital life-resource that’s getting increasingly depleted and polluted. The lively two-week event will include an art exhibition, conferences, workshops and musical performances by an international cast of artists, musicians and scientists aimed to further our understanding and appreciation of water.

Water is not only essential for life, it also embodies all that life entails: spontaneous and free-flowing, sensitive and responsive, accommodating and flexible, yet effective and powerful. It is emblematic of the organic revolution that has been taking place in physical science and the arts, but still waiting to happen in biology and in society at large.

12th-28th March


Menier Gallery, SE1 1RU

Visit the website: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/coloursofwater/.

Email: evasinghji@gmail.com.

Maewan Ho