Parliament Hill Plant Fair

A perfect opportunity to get your garden or window-box started for the new growing season

This year’s Parliament Hill Plant Fair will be held this Saturday 16th April this year – at the Farmers’ Market as usual.

This should be a perfect opportunity to get your garden or window-box started for the new growing season, as 10 specialist nurseries will be bringing along produce they have grown themselves. There will be a lot of familiar faces from plant fairs in Parliament Hill in the past, as well as some nurseries who are new to selling in London .

Some of the stalls attending include:

Test Valley Nursery- Hampshire
George and Julia Benn of Test Valley Nursery specialise in less common and new hardy perennial plants along with the more traditional cottage garden varieties. Plants are left outside over winter to ensure hardiness, so you can be sure that you’ll have plants which can withstand any conditions, particularly after the winter we’ve had!

Bigtrees – Hampshire
Neil Hosland-Round has two Bigtrees nurseries, one in Buckingham and one in Lymington on the edge of the New Forest . The trees and shrubs he grows vary from showy ornamental species such as mimosas and elegant Silver Birches to heritage apple and cherry trees. You don’t have to worry about risking your back by carrying home a tree with you either, as Neil offers a delivery service around London .

Herbal Haven- Essex
If its herbs you’re after, John Webster of Herbal Haven has an unparalleled range of both popular garden herbs and unusual specialties. Their range includes, amongst many others, cinnamon basil, chamomile, mugwort, bergamot, wintergreen, marjoram, Jacob’s Ladder, wood sage, heartsease, mullein, elecampaine, bay and St. John’s Wort. We could name them all, but it would take us forever. Go and see for yourself!

Rosie’s Garden Plants- Kent
Jackie Aviolet (aka Rosie) grows a little bit of everything on her nursery near Maidstone . She has unusual-looking prickly cacti, colourful Spring bulbs and well over 30 different types of rose bush. Jackie is one of the plant fairs’ real characters and is always happy to stop for a natter with customers.